A Note from Our DIRECTOR


Ever since I left North Carolina and moved back to New York City for college about 10 years ago, my gran'pa Victor has left me a ton of voicemail messages on my cell phone. These quirky messages ran the gamut from happy birthday messages to random ramblings on life, but one thing was for sure-- if I didn't call him back soon enough, he would leave me the world's angriest voicemail, threatening to 'hang me by the neck!'

With all of these messages, I knew that there was something here; something that could be a great piece of quirky art, preserving my grandfather's personality and encapsulating a tidbit of the Puerto Rican-American experience. 

So, in 2013, a pool of creatives jumped on board, and using the new and exciting medium of 3D modeling/printing, a hilarious short film called HOW YOU DOIN', BOY? VOICEMAILS FROM GRAN'PA was created.  The short would go on to premiere at over 20 film festivals, win major awards, and air nationally on NUVO TV, and a lot of important people had really good things to say about it

My Gran'pa + Your Questions = Aww... LOL! OMG. WTF?

With the on-going success of the short film, the idea of an Interstitial/web series was hatched. Gran’pa Knows Best is a quirky, oftentimes endearing, always hilarious series where the viewer (that means you!) gets to ask my 86-year old Latino Gran'pa questions about absolutely anything! In short, our gran'pa is your gran'pa!

By allowing Gran'pa to answer your questions in his own opinionated way, the project aims to encapsulate and reflect upon the colorful universality of the Grandfather family figure. 

How does it work? I wanna Ask Gran'Pa a Question!

Use Social Media to submit your question to Gran'pa with the (hashtag) #GranpaKnowsBest and @ask_Granpa.  If your question is chosen then our production team will reach you for permission to use your social media profile photo and first name on our series...Making you a co-star!  Gran'pas opinionated/rambling responses are then recorded. Next, the audio is visually set to 3D modeled/printed miniatures of Gran'pa in 3 inch scale, and shot in a variety of tiny settings, including a replica of his kitchen in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Finally, we put it all together with B-Roll and there we have another great episode.